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Laser Path

Laser Path is a puzzle game, where you build the path for laser ray from mirror blocks.

To complete the level, you must take the laser ray from the start location to target. You turn the laser ray on. The ray reflects from "mirror" blocks and must not touch "alarm" blocks. By moving mirror blocks one by one, you help the ray to get closer to the target. Plan your moves carefully... and do not be afraid to back out if the route you build is wrong. Maybe there is another way? Special absorber block will help you.

The laser ray has to touch all mirror blocks in the level and then hit the target - only then the level is considered completed.

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  • All levels are randomly generated! You can play same level many times!

  • Level size up to 21 x 21 and up to 16 moving mirror blocks

  • Each level has a solution and often alternative solutions

  • Zoom in and out

  • Got stuck? Re-generate level!

  • Tutorial

  • Hall of Fame

  • Music and sound effects

  • No ads. Period.

Remember, each level is generated. This guarantees you endless hours of gameplay and fun!