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I can kana!

I can kana! is a simple and relaxing educational training game for learning Japanese hiragana and katakana, slightly resembling barley-break and 3-in-a-row. You need to move alphabet symbols on the game field so that the kana symbols meet and match their latin alphabet peers, or solely match hiragana with katakana. When symbols match, they are pronounced and disappear.

As you progress on the level, more symbols appear, but do not worry. Relax and take your time to think because this game won't overwhelm you like tetris!

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  • 3 gameplay modes: hiragana, katakana and hiragana vs katakana

  • You choose which kana rows to play, from a single row up to the whole alphabet at once (full version required)

  • Diactitics support - dakuten (nigori), handakuten (hannigori)

  • Latin ("romaji") and Cyrillic ("cyriji") symbols as kana transcriptions

  • 3 difficulty levels

  • Free in-game hints

  • Original kana voiceover made by Japanese native speakers

  • No annoying ads even in the free version

Free version includes the first 3 rows of Japanese alphabet (a-o, ka-ko, sa-so). Full version, which is a single one-time ingame purchase, unlocks all kana rows.