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I can hangul!

"I can hangul!" is a simple educational and trainer game for learning Korean language basics: its alphabet and syllables. "I can hangul!" is similar to barley-break and 3-in-a-row. You need to move Korean symbols on the game field so that they meet and match their latin alphabet peers. When symbols match, they are pronounced and disappear.

"I can hangul!" is based on Revised Romanization of Korean when using roman translation and on Kontsevich system for the cyrillization of Korean language when using cyrillic translation. You can select which translation to use from the game itself.

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  • 3 gameplay sections: alphabet, 2-letter syllables and 3-letter syllables.

  • Korean pronunciation voiceover by Korean native speakers.

  • 200 statistically most frequently used syllables in the language to play (requires full version).

  • You can select symbols to play with, from a small group up to the whole alphabet at once (requires full version).

  • Roman and Cyrillic transcriptions supported.

  • Different difficulty levels.

  • Free in-game hints.

  • No annoying ads even in the free version.

Free version provides access to a few symbols in each of the three gameplay sections: alphabet, 2-letter syllables and 3-letter syllables. Full version, which is a single one-time ingame purchase, unlocks everything.